Will technology sooner or later Supersede Nature?

technology has made life less complicated and exciting. The verbal exchange global has persevered bringing cell phones and devices that combine a spread of crucial sports collectively. The transport enterprise these days accommodates fast airplanes, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and lots of other effective machines. in preference to sending letters, which used to take lengthy, e-mails, Skype, Google speak, yahoo messenger, fb, and many stay-chat mechanisms have taken communication to any other level. in the interim, technological improvements have continued in regions of computer systems, business, medicine, aviation, meals processing and others. however, how does nature fare whilst era is in action? Will era in the end supersede nature?The power of era Vs natureWhen struggle breaks out, advanced guns take lives, wreck homes and cause huge harm. at some stage in such wars, using technology is generally the quantity-one option in combating again or getting worried bodily. Such cases make reliance on nature suicidal. in addition, speakme to someone who is in a exclusive city, or united states, requires using era. that is due to the fact the voice, in its herbal state, cannot travel such lengthy distances and neither can the ear pick sounds from such remote locations. the use of technology can even make such humans seen while speaking with them.when Nature moves, How Does era respond?because the foregoing suggests, it’s miles very smooth to nation that era can in the end supersede nature. however, when herbal forces strike, how does generation fair? whilst a tsunami swept throughout Indonesia, the world wanted to come back to the useful resource of the sufferers in that united states of america. all of the developments in technology could not store the innocent lives, and prevent the great damage that ensued! As a end result, many lives were lost, and the handiest thing technology did turned into pick out up the ashes.What about volcanoes? when scientists gather enough evidence that a volcano is ready to erupt, the maximum reasonable, and loving, step governments take is to evacuate the citizens in time. similarly, while a twister – or highly adverse wind – moves, era most effective detects the signs of its timing and severity. Such facts enables the government in preparing for a timely evacuation marketing campaign. The list can cross on, however the fact is that, when the forces of nature act, technology is simply too inappropriate to respond lower back. it can simplest locate.Will generation supersede nature? With such proof, it’s far clear that technology will maintain making lifestyles less difficult, exciting and delightful in lots of approaches. but it has no energy to take over nature. the numerous decades, centuries, and millenniums already spent in getting to know and discovering the wonders of nature attest to this reality. this is why, instead of learning about planets and galaxies created with the aid of scientists, we will hold listening to approximately the brand new planets being found; the fantastic nature of the galaxies and complex nature of advent. In appreciating such wonders of nature bio-mimicry has come up with many designs that renowned the supremacy of nature. Conclusively, science, and technology at big, will continue developing, but nature will continue to be respected.